San Antonio City Council – District 9

John “No” Courage

John Courage is AGAINST:

  • Keep More of D9 Tax Revenue in District 9
  • Support 2nd Amendment
  • Police Should Enforce Laws
  • Citizenship Question on 2020 Census
  • Open Convention Center to National Political Convention to Recap Taxpayer Investment

John Courage is FOR:

  • Tax Increases (June 29, 2017 and Sept 13, 2018)
  • Criminalize tobacco and decriminalize marijuana
  • Paris Climate Agreement Resolution and Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP)
  • Government mandated paid sick leave forced on small businesses
  • Use Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Pet Projects including Rainbow Crosswalk and abortion-related services
  • Remove Christmas Tree from Alamo Plaza and Remove Confederate statue from Travis Park

If you believe the family is the building block of society, please sign up to stand with us!